Tuesday 25 June 2013

St John's Night Festival

I've been rambling at Twitter about the Kids Festival here, in Mainz.
Well actually, it is not a Kids Festival after all. 

It is the St John's Night Festival.
It is the climax of the festival season in Mainz - according to the tourist information website.

It is held for 4 days every year.
And the whole town is celebrating with lots and lots of pop up stalls, cafes, rides.
It's like a giant fun fair!

Dalam erti kata lain, rumah hantu. With roller coaster, nonetheless.

I didn't take much picture because of the crowd.
But believe me, the festive feelings are here, all right.

[I really really love to get on rides]

And guess what?
They set up a freakingly awesome ride here, in Mainz for the festival!!

The first time I saw this ride, I sat there for about an hour watching the people having fun.
Must have been awesome, I thought.

I went back home.
Had a good thinking.
Naturally, it was a bit nerve racking to get on this ride which fyi the scariest ride I've ever seen in my life.

I went back the next day.
Bersemangat waja.

At some point I nearly backed out.
But, I know if I didn't get on it I will be regretting the decision forever.

Plus, it falls perfectly in line with my intention to start fresh.
I'm going back to Malaysia soon and what better way to start than this experience kan?
Or so I thought.

I bought the tickets. 
Best 5 Euros I ever spent, no doubt!!

Sangat seronok.
I would do it again if not because of the really LOOOONGGG line.

Overcome the devil's voice.

Start fresh.

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