Tuesday 25 June 2013

A Different Take on Paris

It is time for the long overdue post on .....


[I went there last week]

To sum up my experience; love the pastries, hate the city.
[such a strong word; hate]
It is weird because I had always wanted to go there.
But my expectations went downhill as soon as I set foot in at the metro station.
No offence to all French people out there.
This is solely my POV.  :D

I went to Paris by ICE train, from Frankfurt. It took around 5 hours.
Frankfurt - Paris = 560 km

As soon as I arrived, I set off to find the best croissant in Paris according to Paris Patisseries
The number one on the list is Des Gateaux et Du Pain. 
Looking for the this pastry shop which is near the Eiffel Tower. 

Saint Honore Pistache-Griotte
So I tried these two. Heaven on earth, I tell you!! Seriouslyyyy...
Paris is really famous for their patisseries and for great reason, too. 
These are some snippets of the shop. It looks exclusive but the prices - affordable.

I ate the croissant on the way back to the metro station and guess what?
1) My first bit - 'wow'
2) Finished eating  before even halfway to the station
3) Took a turn back and bought another one.  LOL
It is really THAT good.
If by any chance you happen to be in Paris, I 100% recommend this patisserie. 
[It is near Pasteur and Montparnasse Bienvenue metro stations]

Talking about the public transportation system, it is great in the sense that it covers the whole city.
It is said that you were never 500 meters away from any metro station.
The network is very comprehensive. 
For my first day here, I bought the day pass which covers Zone 1 and 2 (6.30 Euros)
Paris comprises of 5 zones but for tourist, Zone 1 and 2 would suffice as it covers most of the attractions.

However, however.
Here comes the bad part.
The entire and I mean ENTIRE transportation system; be it inside the tram or the station, smells like pee.
Pee for Paris, eyh?
Such a turn off.
The whole 3 days, I tell ya.
So depressing.

Afterwards I went the Great Mosque of Paris.
Thank you to an uncle yang berbaik hati offering me the directions seeing me ogling the map at the side of the road.
Alhamdulillah. Sempat berjemaah.
The curator of the mosque was also very nice.
Yang tersentuh hati bila dia cakap 'Malaysians are very welcomed here'.

Then later that evening, I met Ashee and her family. 
We stayed at an apartment in Simplon, Paris.

First destination, Eiffel Tower of course.
Dalam jiwa membara perasaan excited.

We went all the way to the top of Eiffel Tower.
Adik-adik semua gayat. LOL

Bersyukur diberi peluang to set foot here in Paris. 
Sangat bersyukur.
But, it totally falls beneath my expectation.

Eiffel Tower being in front of my eyes, wanna know what I think?
'Is this all? A bunch of steels orchestrated together?'
Entah kenapa. Kecewa.
And the hype caused by this tower?
[LOL. I sound so negative here]

The next day, we arrived at Disneyland around 10am.
One way ticket to Disneyland via train cost 7.30 Euros.
(It was quite far)
We spent the whole day there which was not enough..
At least you're gonna need 2 days folks!
Plus it was raining too *sob sob*

These are the rides that I went to.

Space Mountain Mission 2 - Roller Coaster

While waiting for our turn.
Ada orang dah sampai kat depan tu 'chickened out' and bolted.
Buzz Lightyear
Shoot away, shoot away!
Ashee was the top scorer here :D
Haunted Mansion
Before we went in.
Tak tipu.
Both of us were screaming inside.
Aerosmith Roller Coaster
The Best!!!
And all sorts of other thrilling rides.

Here are some of the pictures.
Looked ridiculous in the rain coat. LOL

Her Majesty, the Queen.
Paling besar sebab paling suka. Teheee!
While waiting for the parade.

Kesimpulan Disneyland, we went to a lot of rides.
It was very nice.
Though I would love to spend more time here.

The rest of the holiday in Paris ;

Notre Dame

Well. All in all, the 3 days I spent in Paris was fun thanks to the company.
But will I be coming back?
Highly doubt it.


*Adakah aku orang pertama menyuarakan bad review tentang Paris? Haha
** Hati aku tertinggal di Rome. Aku pasti.

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