Thursday 6 June 2013

My Rationale. Take it Or Leave It.

What I'm going to tell here has been lingering in my mind for quite a while.  
Plus, some people questioned my motive.

Well, let me tell ya my rational.
It's my rationale, you can either take it or leave it.

Quite a few friends / colleague ask me why I applied to all of the Big 4.
Yup. All of them.
It's just a nicer way of asking, 'Kenapa tamak sangat apply kat semua Big 4?'.
Betul tak?

First, I am not desperate to get a place because I know if worst come to worst, I can always intern at Khazanah.

Secondly, it all started with a friend.

The story goes ...

I have a friend. Let's call em 'A'. (Trying to conceal the gender) :D
A is a scholar as well, Accounting student.
I have to admit that A is a bright student.

I am sure A's gonna graduate with first class degree, maybe even topped the batch.
However, knowing A I got to know the real personality.
A cannot stand anyone being more than 'em.
At all!

The moment you scored 1 marks more than A, be prepared to listen to sarcasm comments.
The comments are guaranteed to be hurtful.
Though A is a friend, you will never get any compliment or even a simple 'congratulations'.

Contoh situasi. (Rekaan semata-mata)
1. I got the highest marks for a subject.
    The comment : Lecturer tu sayang sangat kat kau kan [sambil buat muka]

2. But what got to my nerve was this; when I was offered a place at EY.
    The comment : Aku saja je tak nak apply. Kalau aku apply, mesti dapat. Lagipun aku tak minat EY.

Menyirap. Sumpah. 
And there are a lot more instances. Tak larat nak ingat semua.
I remembered, when I knew I was coming to Germany, I kept it a secret from A.

True enough, when the news broke out; A was the first the throw hurtful comments.

Makanya, that fuels me to show to A that I can do better!
Tak, aku bukan nak kutuk dia. 
Aku nak kongsi apa yang memberi semangat.

All that education, is a waste if your heart is not pure.

Ini sebagai pengajaran to myself as well.

Belajar la tinggi mana, graduate 4 flat, best student tapi kalau dalam diri tak ada nilai murni, etika bila kau dah masuk alam pekerjaan baru kau tahu langit tinggi ke rendah.

Lebih baik graduate pointer sederhana, tapi full of values.

Setiap kali aku dapat another offer from Big 4, I get another comment from A.

"Orang semua dah setel dengan offer, kau still terkedek-kedek tak setel lagi"  (A didn't know I'm going to Germany at that time)

But deep down, I am truly satisfied because I proved that though you have perfect GPAs, if you do not have values (which will reflect during the interview), you will NEVER go far.

Alhamdulillah. Strike 4.
Kesemua 4 aku berjaya.
Personal accomplishment.

EY and KPMG - Audit
Deloitte and PwC - Tax

Some will roll their eyes, 'intern je kot'.
Well, I don't care.

Now that I decided to do some pre-intern thingy, I haven't told any of my Uniten friends.
Sebab apa, one way or another A will know about it.

The pre-intern opportunities that I got is something I am very proud of. 
Will share about it later!  :D
Wonder what A's reaction will be?

A small part of me wonders, but for the most part I don't give a damn because I am happy how things turns out.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.
I walked a different path.

Semua ni bukan nak membangga diri, cuma sebagai pengajaran kepada diri dan semua rakan.

No one likes a show-off.

Nawaitu itu penting.
Cuma cara orang menginterpretasi itu berbeza.


Count your blessings. Today!

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