Tuesday 25 June 2013

Synthetic Happiness

During a lecture class, we came across this topic.
And if you got time, I highly recommend y'all to watch this video.

Basically what Dan Gilbert was saying is that with more options, people are getting more dissatisfied.
I totally agree with that.

Less choice means less headache.

The motion made in this video is that people will be better off with less options and will settle with the things bestowed upon us.

You got you legs chopped off due to diabetes? 
You'll be happy in a few years time.
This is actually a result of his research.
Fascinating, kan?

It makes me think.
Kenapa ada antara kita yang cukup segalanya.
Cukup untuk makan dan minum.
But still, far off from being happy.

One answer.
I think you are so selfish that you think you are the center of the universe.
We cannot have everything, bro.

Kalau rasa tak cukup, usaha.
Don't go around beating yourself up.
Compared to saudara kita in Palestine apalah sangat kesusahan kita.
Just think, for a second.
Compare yourself.
Do it.
Pejam mata.
Bandingkan dengan diorang.

Maka kita akan bahagia dengan apa yang ada.

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