Wednesday 16 November 2016

My Bungee Jump Experience in Chiang Mai

In the few years that I've been absent from this blog, I've visited Chiang Mai, Thailand a LOT of times.

Last year, when I was there alone I decided to go bungee jump. Why not, right?
The X-Centre is unfortunately located outside the main city (around 20+km). So I rented a bike and cheerfully rode my way there with the help of Waze. 

The place is famous for extreme activities like bungee jump, ATV, paintball, go-kart, zorb ball and the likes.

The bungee jump here rises 50m above landscaped garden overlooking the jungle (Sunway Lagoon's is 22m). You can choose to dip you head in the lake during the jump or stay completely dry. I chose the latter. 

I took the 2,300 Baht package (approximately RM250) which include the jump, insurance, certificate and a CD of pictures.

The staffs were very professional, I have to say.

Abang ni buat lawak bodoh. Terbahak-bahak aku gelak. Dia kata ada orang Arab lompat pakai jubah LOL

Jumping into the crane

Early in the morning when I did't bother to put any makeup on  LOL

 *tinggi ohoiii*

Before I jumped, I tucked in my blouse, pinned my hijab. I used at least 5 pins to make sure my hijab doesn't flip over or anything.

When I was up there, all of a sudden my courage was nowhere to be found. Hahahaha. 

 Tapi sebab dah bayar kan. If you decided to cancelled, no refund will be given. 
*good strategy*

It took a while. So in the end, the instructor pushed me.  

My favourite picture!

Guess what? Semua pin tercabut. Even my tucked in blouse was all over the place. Hahaha. You can see I desperately holding my blouse here. 
When you bungee jump, you somehow forgotten about the 'bounce'.
It kept bouncing so basically, it felt like you jumped for 3-4 times.

I screamed for a few seconds then I laughed all the way through. Hahahaha

Pulling me back to safety

Still laughing hysterically

I did it!!!

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