Tuesday 1 November 2016

#evanazli : Bridesmaid

By far, this was one of the easiest decision ever.  I had a small circle, so I knew in an instant who I want to invite as my bridesmaids. 

I could never understand those who had a whole entourage as her bridesmaids; but hey that's just me. 

These 3 ladies had always been there for me. All knew Nazli and my mom knew them by heart. 


I knew her the longest; since 2010 during Yayasan Khazanah's scholarship interview. We both made it through and became the only 2 scholars at Uniten Muadzam for our intake. Dialah kawan yang paling tak berkira kalau nak mintak tolong and also the friendliest. No matter who you are, chances are she'll know you through a friend of a friend of friend... Get the picture?

Bayangkan kat Muadzam I basically owned her motorbike since I used it all the time. We did our final project project paper together and we even traveled together to Labuan (surprisingly fun) and Ho Chi Minh. She's very kind although she can be loud at times. LOL


Me and Ika were housemates for several semesters back in Uniten. Seorang lagi yang tak pernah berkira untuk kawan-kawan. Bersyukur sangat dipertemukan dengan manusia macam Ika. Dia yang bersusah-susah tolong buat hantaran masa bertunang, buat surprise bachelorette party and macam-macam. Selalu ada untuk ajak lepak. Very frank and truthful. Seronok and sengsara sama-sama masa travel ke Lombok. And also, very fashionable. :D


I got to know Mya by chance since she was Anis's roommate in Uniten. Initially, we clicked because of our interest in makeup. Hahaha We had some classes together but we became closer after we graduated. We had the same wavelength so it's easy to talk about things. She's pursuing CFA while I'm doing ACCA. We don't meet very often but I know she's always there when I need her. 

Surprise birthday celebration the night before akad nikah.

Thank you girls, again. 

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