Tuesday 1 November 2016

#evanazli - MUA [Akad Nikah]

I personally feel this was one of the MOST IMPORTANT decision to be made for a wedding. The make-up artist. 

I really did my research for this. I had a list of nearly 100 MUA's with their quoted service rate. The rate ranges from RM250 to RM2000 (crazy!) 

I also studied their portfolio before coming up with a few shortlisted make up artists because sometimes the models are already beautiful even before the makeup. So that didn't justify the hotness I saw in the MUA's portfolio. 

[I didn't put male makeup artist into my consideration]

Also, sometimes the MUA did an excellent job but I'm not into their particular makeup style. I wanted natural makeup suitable for akad nikah with nothing too crazy. 

My two shortlisted MUA were; Hera Helmi and Tieqazai

Hera Helmi

She's a friend of a friend and very talented!

In the end I chose Tieqazai and it was the best decision ever!

She did my make up, styled my hijab and also took the picture I used for my blog header [btw the lighting that day was so spot on!] 

Under different lighting

Would I recommend Tieqa? Definitely! 
A thousand times yes!

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