Thursday 17 November 2016

#MakanReview : Sabrina Bakery / Mamasab

Mula kenal Sabrina Bakery masa nak cari kek for my engagement. Then I saw Sabrina's Bakery on my Explore tab in iG. She had a LOT of followers. That's a very good sign, right?

At the time (last year), she was famous for her brownies. And her house is soooo near to mine (Taman Medan, PJ)! Senang nak pick up. I bought her Brownies to sample her baked goods.  

[All pictures are taken from her iG unless specified otherwise]

Brownies with Drizzle. RM30
Sedap gila weyh the brownies. I can sincerely say, it's the best brownies I've tasted. And that's coming from a picky eater. Haha

I loved it so much that I ordered a second time. Time time, it was the Brownies with extra drizzle and the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake (DFCC). This one, not as good.

My mom with her DFCC

What provoked this post was the fact that earlier this week I had a massive cravings and bought 3 cakes in one go from Sabrina. [And I'm trying to lose weight thank you very much]

Hahaha The good thing is that you can always assume that she had her usual cakes on standby at any time (but you can always text her first to make sure). For special requests, you have to order it a couple of days earlier at least. 

Durian Cheese Cake
I. Love. Durian. But I never tried durian cheese cake before so it's kind of a gamble for me. It's RM10 a slice.  Sabrina used real D24 durian flesh for these babies. 

And oh my dear Lord, isn't this the best cheese cake I've tasted. I don't think I'm going back to regular cheese cake after this.  Please, please try this one!

I also tried her whoopie pie. Frankly, it's my first time tasting it so I have no benchmark to compare it against. But I know what good food tasted like. And this was it!

It's so nice and perfect. The chocolate cake was kind of soft cookie/brownie and sandwiched between them is a sweet, creamy goodness. Not too sweet that you'll get sugar rush. But just sweet enough. 

From her iG
You guys can check out her Instagram account here.

She also offers baking classes ; both onsite and online.

She has 16 agents that you can placed your order from if you can't physically come to her house cum bakery [all info available on her iG account]. 

2020 Update :  I've gotten reviews that her products are not as good nowadays, what with the aggressive marketing. Try at your own cost ya. To be honest, I've not bought her products for a long time now. 

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