Tuesday 8 November 2016

#evanazli - OP

Orang kata kalau nak pilih photographer, jangan pilih kawan kita sendiri. Tapi kalau dah orang yang kita kenal tu pandai ambik gambar, why not.

[I'm in no way biased because the photographer was my university mate but his work speaks for itself]

My official photographer was Syafiq Azmi.

I chose him because of recommendations from friends, his competitive rate (I kid you not) and the fact that I knew him. Call me lame but I prefer to know the photographer for my big day instead of some strangers coming in. Chemistry is important; I learnt that from another bride. 

On the day itself, he brought along another photographer. 
That's crazy! For the price that we paid, we actually got 2 photographers. 

Outdoor session was done at Taman Tasik Perdana. 
Ika couldn't join us at the last minute because her car broke down. 

Syafiq and Erik bersemangat waja walaupun pengantin dah berpeluh macam lepas bersukan.

During our session, there were at least another 4 couples doing their outdoor photoshoot.
But the garden is hugeeeee so there's no problem. 

I got the pictures a week after the event and boy, I'm in love.

That's it peeps!

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