Tuesday 8 November 2016

#evanazli - Bertandang

 I'm gonna squeeze everything about majlis bertandang in one post.

It was held a week after my akad nikah.
Our majlis bertandang was a big ordeal as it involved 3 families. Nazli's, mine and Nadia's (Nyah's wife). Nyah got married a week before I did and we decided to combine the majlis bertandang.

It was held at Resort Tasik Raban, Lenggong.

The place was exquisite!
If you 're looking for serenity or a weekend away from the hectic life in the city, I would definitely recommend this place. 

We stayed at the resort before the event.
There were more than 1,500 attendees. That's a whole lot!

#nadianazmi #evanazli
The idea to wear royal blue dress came through these pieces ;

So I bought 5 meters of Valentino and 10 meters of chiffon to be sent to a tailor who assured me that she could create a flowy dress. 

Surprise, surprise. She can't. 

So again, I bought an off-the-rack dress for the event.
No regret there.

This time, I bought it from my favorite brand, Dyana (Bangi branch).

I LOOOVEEE the dress!
Mainly because it fits me nicely, it matches with Nazli's baju melayu and also, I can still wear it in the future!

And kebetulan dah pergi Bangi for my dress, we went to Nor Aini Bridal to rent tengkolok and sampin (I wanted him to wear all the accessories; the whole shebang but he refused LOL)
A simple man, my husband.

The hijab was my own. I re-used the veil and shoes from my Akad Nikah.

We custom-made Nazli's baju melayu at Lat's Collection in Taman Maluri. They provide good service and their workmanship was fabulous.
Baju terletak, jahitan kemas.

*I end up sending my two brothers there for their baju melayu

The cake was made by Nazli's sister

Credit : Haziq Hussein

My Bridesmaids

And oh, makeup!
Finding a good makeup artist in Kuala Kangsar / Taiping area was tricky.
I don't believe all those local bridal houses because I can't see their portfolios.

Who would want unblended eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick? #truestory

In the end, I chose Nurul Elya
Though my mom was not fully satisfied with her work, with a little tweak the makeup looks okay. 

She was a bit late on the day, so she was in a rush #badetiquette
But all in all, everything went well. 

Thanks to everyone who made it to the event.

Doakan yang baik-baik untuk kami. 

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