Tuesday 8 November 2016

#evanazli - Engagement

 I shared about my engagement on Instagram a day before Akad Nikah.
And now here's the full scoop.

My engagement was held on 28th May, a week before Ramadhan and my P2 exam. 

Knowing me, it was a very personal and intimate ordeal.
Nazli's family, my brothers, mom and Ika. That was it. 

My mom cooked a lot of delicious out-of-world food (being biased) for my engagement.

I bought inai celup from Sophea By Leahenna just because I'm intrigued. The inai looks freaking great. I even have some left-over which I used during majlis bertandang. 

I got a golden cake topper from Aku Dan Kraf  

Should have ordered a black cake topper instead

I decided to do my own hantaran. I rented the dulangs. Bought the water sponge at Floristika and the flowers at Weng Hoa, Petaling Street. 

I surveyed the price beforehand. Weng Hoa offered slightly cheaper flowers but Floristika (Bangsar) offered more variety. 

Tips : Put some panadol into the water before you soak the flowers. Also spray the flowers before you start to decorate. 

Ika helped me a lot on these babies.

Cupcakes were still in the fridge

Roscani Watch
Famos Amos Cookies
Baju Melayu
Brownies by Sabrina Bakery
Ritter Sport

Engagement Ring
Book - A Gift for A Muslim Bride
Cupcakes by Baked in Chealsea
Telekung by Siti Khadijah

Quick review on By the Dozen cupcakes by Baked in Chelsea. I often drool scrolling down their Instagram page. 

Their cakes looks ridiculously yummy.

They offered a cupcake version of their full-sized cakes. 
It's called By the Dozen, 12 pieces, 4 flavours (you can choose the mix of single/2/3/4 flavours), RM120

I had super high expectation for these.

Just bear in mind. What I'm about to write is my own opinion.

If I had to rate the cupcakes, I'll give em 3/10 just for their aesthetics.

The cakes were very dry and crumbly, massively overpriced.
I wonder what's the hype all about.
But I'm open to sample the full-size cakes. Maybe they're good.

Husband, belanja please..

But then, I do have a peculiar taste in cakes. I'm not a fan of the widely loved Kula's Mango Cheesecake. I felt it was nothing special. But that's just me.

And I'm engaged!

My small family
This girl here, is a treasure!

Suka sangat baju nieeeee! #lagikuruslagicantik

Cincin nikah + cincin tunang ❤


  1. So simple. I like! Can't wait mine on 16/9. Phewww...

    1. Good luck! May everything went well!!


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