Thursday 6 December 2012

Pervert Interviewer

Getting through an interview is always an exciting event for me.

So the story goes..

Yesterday, i got an interview for a consulting company in KL. Apparently it's not just cikai-cikai company, ya know? Which makes this whole story even weirder. The interview was done via telephone. I got a call at 8pm. Yeah! At night!

Then this guy introduced himself. Among the inappropriate questions were.... Do you have any boyfriend? What is the characteristic of your ideal man? How come you never go to Zouk before? I think you should be with mat saleh. And it goes on and on for 2 hours..

Oh my God.. I just can not describe my feelings at that time. So when can I call you again? Hellooo!!!!! For what?? Gila ke apa.. Texted me good night and everything. Called me later because I did not reply.

Go die please!!

And please stop calling.

Think i'm gonna contact the HR department and reject the offer on the ground of sexual harassment. LOL


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