Monday 24 December 2012

Between Lust and Needs

Hasrat menukar phone telah lama tersimpan. Sementelah duit allowance akan masuk in a few days, my head is in ransacking mode to choose a new phone.

My mom is not too fond of my wish. 

I started to use BB because of someone. And this someone turned out to be a nobody. So nampak tak penyesalan di situ. Meroyan sekejap bila BB Bold rosak. Sejarah handphone :

  • Sony Ericsson Hazel in 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy W - few months then decided to trade in for BB Bold which btw I got cheated. Hence AP set .. Grrrrrr
  • Setelah sekian lama, BB Bold got the 'death screen' yang kaler putih tue.. Hantar pergi kedai. Was charged RM250
  • Sony Ericsson Hazel cannot be turned on - hantar kedai RM100.
  • So at this moment, I was left with NO handphone. *gila sekejap*
  • Bought Samsung basic phone for RM80. Hebat weyhh... Seminggu tak cas, takde hal.
  • Hasil usahasama with my mom, she chipped in a little.. Bought BB Curve.. Alhamdulillah original, masih guna sampai sekarang.
  • Sony Ericsson after repair, now speaker pula rosak.
  • BB Bold ada dalam simpanan.
  • In all, now ada 4 handphone dalam tangan.
I understand why my mother is opposing my decision to buy a new phone. BB Bold boleh bagi Awie. Sony Ericsson tu boleh bagi Is. Though these two minions already got a phone each.

I had one model in mind. iPhone 5.

Now I am torn between iPhone, Samsung and HTC.
HTC One X looks quite impressive as well.
Hmm.. Decisions  decisions...

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