Wednesday 26 December 2012

Right on Time

So the allowance are finally deposited into my bank account.. Tak berapa nak finally sangat la since memang masuk ikut waktu.. Good job, YK! Thanks a gazillion!! Hahaha.. 

So the first thing i bought? Hanis Zalikha's Collagen Dust!! Hahaha It's my repeat order by the way and i bought two bottles terus so that bile kat tempat orang nanti sonang.. Kena la jadi Asian yang comey di sana, ye dak? Hahahaha

Me myself i tak perasan sangat perubahan sebab mula2 tu on off jugak makan nye. It's so easy.. Just sprinkle in water or food but laziness trumps em all.. plus, if you smell it.. Erk.. Suffice to say, it won't do well as perfume. And the taste is so weird but once you add it with; in my case a cup of tea, it is still bearable. So one fine day my mom who is a big critique of mine and the master of sarcasm notices that my skin's getting better so i knew at that moment the Collagen Dust has done it's magic..

Gitu kauuu penerangan.. Hihihi.. Though it's a little pricey, it's worth it and could last quite long. Biarlah badan comeyyyy asalkan muka tu sedap mata memandang.

Talking about body image, i am seriously considering to join DailyMuscle. Learn it from Harith Iskander. It's a sort of bootcamp only, better. (at least the tag line says so). It's only one hour per session and there are plenty of packages to choose from. 

Since i'm gonna be free in February, why not i join? And at weekends i can complete my motor license (pffttt). At the moment, the camp is offered at 3 places; Bangsar, TTDI and Subang. So i targeted before i went for the student exchange program at least, am gonna be healthier and with Allah's will keep living a healthier lifestyle (but i love food sooooo much!!!)

Ps* update. my mom slashed my intention of going to DailyMuscle. I knew it! Hahaha

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