Sunday 23 December 2012

Kim Jong Kook

It seems like my addiction to RM is getting worst.. Hahahaha

In a post earlier, I shared about Chang Min.. Naahhh.. You can forget about him already. My new muse, Kim Jong Kook.. Or Jong Kookie.. He's far from perfect but he's fun to watch :)

Muscular body, talkative, nags a lot, a bully, very nice voice, intelligent, health conscious and funny.. But every time in RM, he got weak knees when it comes to women guests. All the cast in RM takut die kot.. Daebak!! He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and still single. Wonder why is that? He started with a duo group, Turbo.. Lebih kurang macam 4U2C la versi Malaysia. Dengan outfit yang semacam but a huge hit in Korea. The dance is also fun, it's famous all across South Korea. I listened to their songs and sedap weyh tak tipu.. Walaupun tak ngerti maksudnye kan. You guys should listen to

  • Black Cat (funky tune to dance to)
  • Twist King
  • A Jazz Bar
  • Loveable
  • Today More Than Yesterday
  • One Man (Han Nam Ja)

He's 37 by the way and made promise to his fans to get married by 40. Die tak handsome, wa ngaku. Dengan mata sepet nye, jalan pelik but he's charming and I like him. And the reason for his weird walk is that he once went for surgery for his backbone. And he even got a Master's degree.. How cool is that?

Ilmu - checked!

Cukuplah setakat di sini saya promote Jong Kook..


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