Saturday 22 December 2012

Kak Mira's Wedding

Lebih kurang enam bulan yang lalu, I went to Kak Mira's wedding. Got the opportunity to be one of the 'dayangs' (excuse my language). So here are the snapshots of the happy times.

Flower girl
Garden wedding :D
Aleen, the bride's sister. My sayang!!
The much celebrated bride looking BEAUTIFUL!
An attempt at cheeky pose.
Baju kami cantik. Pengantin yang sponsor. Heeeee
The bride and the 'dayangs'
Buah hati kesayangan !! Esya, Aleen and Atie.
Di waktu petang, shawl sudah ditukar. So out of place *facepalm*
Pardon our oily faces. Cuma pengantin yang nampak cantik berseri.. Haruslah..
Abang photographer yang sangat funny made our day

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