Thursday 27 December 2012


Usually, i don't fall for predictions. I hate predictions because it implies expectation, kan?
Pernah tak rasa diri berharap, kecewa, terus berharap, kecewa dan lagi dan lagi up to a point you consciously say to yourself - just give up already?

So today I had breakfast with the girls, Mya, Miley, Anis and Wani. 

And everyone start predicting who I'll end up with, out of nowhere. Interesting, tak tipu.

Before that, i just wanna say that I often fall for guys that love their career so much that they don't bother about relationship.. *sigh* And I kid you not, sometimes they started it first then went directly into workaholic mode *protest*.

Miley thinks I'll end up marrying my boss at work.. Watch out dear CEOs and VPs.. LOL!
Mya thinks I have not yet to meet my soulmate and predicted that I will marry foreigner @ mat salleh cos she said she imagined me as Ning Baizura of some sort.. *face palm*

However, as taken aback as I was I remembered the pervert interviewer's word. Ya know, the one I wrote about before. We talked on the phone (me and him) and without even meeting once, after about an hour chatting he concluded that I will do better if i end up together with foreigners. Eyhhh?
My mom always said that my body is built like foreigners, tall, broad shoulders. (fat is a matter of option, not gene) hahaha.

Will I continue the tradition of my family of cross country marriage?
My mom (Thai) weds my Malaysian dad.
My Thai aunty (Juli) weds a Japanese lads.
My other Thai aunty (Julai) weds a French guy.

Basically, all the girls in my mom's family married a foreigner..

Oh God, is that a sign?

Me don't want!!

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