Sunday 30 December 2012


Sementelah elaun telah dikreditkan ke akaun bank, maka duit itu telah dilaburkan kepada appliances yang jangka hayatnya lama nescaya menjadikannya pelaburan yang bernilai dan berpandangan jauh. *gitewww*

Padahal nak cerita pasal iron dengan camera je. *slap on the face*

Experience with Lazada. 

I bought Phillips traveller iron, compact, light and serve its purpose (so the Web say). 

Comel je.
It's gonna take 4-6 working days for the product to be delivered. Macam lambat pulak. So as of today, it's already been 4 days. I'm a bit anxious due to numerous bad reviews on the internet. So we'll see how it goes. Adakah Lazada akan di'banned' sepanjang hayat?

So far, Lazada offered the lowest price (after I compared prices here and there). Phillips sold it for RM120. I stumbled across another web selling it at RM100. But Lazada sold it at only RM73. It's a 40% discount!! Menarik kan?

Traveller iron is a must for all holiday freaks like me. Memandangkan in the near future I am planning to go backpacking to Kelantan with a dear friend, this is a compulsary item. Back pack, backpack juge.. Tudung bawal kena iron jugak, ye dak? 

The second item (and the last) is camera!
Tak tahulah kenapa gatal jugak nak beli.

(semua ni case malas nak keluarkan iPad sebesar-besar bila amek gambar) Mya just bought it a few months ago and decided to sell it off. Ngapain tidak? She sold it for less than the cost, RM200. (The box stated RM499). And Mya gave me complete with the box, free memory card and stuffs. The camera is as good as new. *thumbs up*
Canon A220
*I really want to buy the Instax camera. Thinking of the pros and cons. Isn't it too bulky? Ooohhh dilemma.. I am planning to bring the instax during semester abroad.. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. 

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