Thursday 4 April 2013

Coffee? No thanks.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Have I told you before that Germans are avid coffee drinkers?
You can find coffee everywhere.

There's even an automatic coffee machine downstairs. (I'm in class currently). Be rest assured that during class breaks, the coffee machine will be crowded like crazy. Better avoid it. LOL 
Me, myself does not drink coffee.

Mya once called me 'lame' because I did not drink Starbucks. Hahaha
I'm more of a tea person, thank you very much. 
Coffee. Caffeine. Migraine.

Interesting enough, there's some literature stating that caffeine could actually cure migraines and headache. What??!! Not in my case, apparently.

Tak payah coffee, baru makan tiramisu dah sakit kepala. -.-'
I have to admit that coffee smells soooo good.
And you can't find tea like this;

Appetizing,  innit?
Memandangkan rerakan sebaya semua gilakan coffee, it helps for me to know the different types of coffee. And they've already recommend me to some less-intense-coffee. Whatever it is, let's learn the complicated types of coffee brew.
Respect your barista, people! :)

*did you know that in Germany, the coffee are sooo much potent than it is in Malaysia?

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