Thursday 25 April 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Some of you might realized my 'cray cray period' over twitter for the past couple of days.

Reason being is that my laptop was ..... locked / hacked / ruined / attacked. Choose whatever you want. Situasi di mana laptop anda tak boleh digunakan untuk lebih 48 jam adalah sangat mengundang.


I've no tv, my only means of entertainment was my phone in which during the two days grace-period-away-from-my-laptop i've used all the internet quotas.

On a fine Sunday evening, while I was laughing macam orang gila bahagia tak ada masalah watching Family Outing, suddenly the screen changed.

My wallpaper appeared for about 5 seconds. Then it became normal again.

Biasalah, I thought.

Then comes the part where I panicked a little. My webcam lights suddenly went flashing. Selalu tengok movie kan? It means someone somewhere was hacking my webcam. Walaweyh. Nebes baq hang. Terus cover camera tu, then the lights went off.

Resume watching Family Outing.

White screen suddenly appeared. With official-looking logos. I recognised one of them. It's FBI. The whole page was in German, though. But I can see my IP address, with a statement saying I'm fined for 100 Euros.

Out of panic, cabut terus plug. Hahaha.

Dan ceritanya, bila aku bukak balik my baby lappy, there was nothing but white screen.
Aaaaa... Ni yang buat marah nie.
Mencarut-carut dalam hati.

I did some digging over Google.
Rupanya, it's a virus sent by a group of hackers (Damn you!!).

Depa berlakon jadik FBI, bagi warning kat hangpa kekonon hangpa ada illegal material dalam laptop. Kalau hang tak bayaq 100 Euros through bank transfer, para-para FBI ni akan datang consficate harta hangpa. Selagi tak transfer duit tu,selagi tu la virus duk kat laptop, locked. Tak boleh guna. And these viruses could not be detected by ANY antivirus so far.

Hebak ngak!

Melayang tak pasai 50 Euro pergi hantar repair.

And the best thing is that, they installed Germany version of Windows.  -.-'
Abang-abang IT dah janji nak tolong tukaq minggu depan.
Terima kasih.

Meanwhile, this is better than nothing.

**Tengok cerita hackers memang seronok, bila kena batang hidung - melopong. Memisang.

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