Monday 15 April 2013


Aku ada masalah dengan itu.

Wise words from a wise man.

We form our expectation both from internal and external stimulant.

I've learnt to not based my expectations on others.

Sebab apa?
Sebab it is never the same as mine.
Nearly all the reviews I read on the internet states that Lawak ke Der 2 is the best comedy movies. Katanya lah. Most of my friends speak highly of it.
When the time comes and I actually watched it, meh.
Kecewa tahu, bila expectation tinggi.
Since we're still on this topic.
My sincere opinion; I don't know what is wrong with some people.
Rata-rata tak puas hati sebab Lawak ke Der 2 is rated as 18PG. Heck, even the actors didn't agree and went as far as bashing LPF's decision.
Like, hello? Banyak unsur lucah kot. Or is it even not that obscene for you people anymore? Lagi nak fight for the rating.
Ni lagi satu.
Silence of The Lambs.
Katanya one of the best thriller movies of all times.
Masuk minit ke 80 baru thriller datang.
This is ain't no best movie of all time.
Well, guess what I'm saying is that don't expect too much.
The more you expect, the more it will hurt you.

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