Monday 15 April 2013

Mainz - A Summary

Assalamualaikum wbt,
I've been in Mainz for over a month now. Everything is going great. The weather is starting to be a little bit warmer.
Too warm, all of the sudden. I was a bit cranky earlier this morning because I went out with a coat. A thick one.  Panas yang amat kurasakan *Lupa daratan sangat*.
Don't blame me. It took a while for my body to adjust with the abrupt coolness last month and now, the summer decided to come. At last!
Not that I'm complaining. Kini, hati redha dan menerima kedatangan musim panas dengan hati terbuka. :D

Mari saya introduce Mainz, the city I'm in.

Mainz is the capital for Rhineland-Palatinate. Ibu negeri.
Thank God.
Itu bermaksud there's a lot of amenities here.

Semasa Zaman Empayar Roman, Mainz is also the capital.
The history goes wayyy back.
Though a lot of buildings were destroyed during WWII bombing.

And one more thing worth mentioning, Mainz is situated near the Rhine River.
Indah sungguh pemandangan.

Apa yang menarik disini?

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday ada Farmer's Market. Buah, sayur, susu, cheese, wine, semua ada. I went there every week.

The city hall

Old town. 

They are serious about sports.
New stadium, just beside my campus.

Mainz have their own football team. Apparently, it is in one of the second highest league. We even had Bayern Munich come here the other day.

On any match day, you can expect the city swarming with polices and people in red. Semangat bak hang! Rasa macam duk kat Kelantan dah. Stadium memang confirm penuh. They love their team so much. Itu yang kita mahu.

Mainz is also famous  for the Carnivals and Fiesta. The next one on the calendar is next month. Marilah kita sama-sama menunggu.

Besides that, kat sini ada banyak tempat shopping menarik. Zara, H&M cuma 5 minit jauh dari rumah. Shopping complexes ada a few. Cinemas ada 5-6. Banyak nau.

Sheraton, Hyatt, Novotel pun ada. :D

Tapi yang paling obvious kat sini, rasa tenang sokmo.
People just mind their own business.


*Tak, Mainz bukan tempat Mercedes Benz.

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