Tuesday 9 April 2013

Organ Donor

I am a firm believer in 'organ donor'ing.
I've signed up for it.
My great grandmother is a donor herself.
Cool kan?
Sekadar nak berkongsi info which I got from a Professor just now.
In Austria and Spain, the citizens are automatically in the organ donor program and they can choose to opt out by filling a form.
Macam kita, kena opt in kalau berminat.
Perkongsian from a Portugal friend pula. Disebabkan the demand for organ in black market is insanely high, right after any big accidents (macam bas or keretapi) akan ada sekumpulan manusia yang berkampung untuk mencuri mayat dan menjual di pasaran gelap.
Scary! It makes one think whether the accidents was actually a staged act.
Macam tow truck company yang lempar paku atas jalan. Pernah dengar kan?
No accident? Make one!
You will never realized the importance of signing up as an organ donor until your loved ones are in need.
When you are faced with a tragedy and frantically in need of an organ donor, you'll be frustrated.
According to the National Transplant Resource Centre, up till 2012 there are only 205,478 registered pledged organ donors and nearly half of them are Chinese. Thumbs up!
So, why not start now and register?
Anda sudah mendaftar? Saya sudah!

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