Saturday 6 April 2013

Inevitable Heart Break

Since I am in the mood to write (and about relationship no less), let me address the apparent trend nowadays.
Semua nak nikah awal. Alhamdulillah. Baguslah kan? Elakkan maksiat, tambahkan pahala.
My friend told me a few weeks back to find a soul mate. Fast!
Well, it'll definitely helps if they come with a sign on their head, kan.
Itu kata psychiatrist. Kalau sudah 18 bulan, macam mana cerita?
I had someone in my mind.
Setelah 18 bulan, ye masih.
Kamu sedar tak?
I wish things could be simpler. You should know, you can sense it if a person is attending to you, caring for you.
*macam dah lari topic je kan* :D
I am truly blessed, Alhamdulillah. I would never dream in a million years to be here, in Germany but Allah's planning are the best. Indeed.
Pernah dengar lagu 'Little by Little'?
Bait lirik yang tersemat di hati;
Little by little He gave you everything you ever dream of
Sooner or later, Allah will answer your prayer.
Kadang-kadang we prayed for A without knowing B would suit us better.
Most of the time, we get more than what we wished for.
I'm still going for it.
Trying to fight.
Better to have fought and lost than never to have fought at all.
Kita usaha, usaha dan usaha.
Tapi kadang-kadang hubungan dengan Allah pun tak terjaga, acaner nak jumpa soulmate kalau keberkatan tak ada?
Mungkin sebab itu, Eva. Sebab itu.
Sebelum nak cari suami yang soleh bagai, betulkan diri dulu.
Sempurnakan ibadah. Jaga hubungan dengan manusia sekeliling.
Habluminallah. Habluminannas.
Ladies, remember. The guys should in fact be more picky.
Sebab selepas nikah, dia yang akan tanggung dosa-dosa kita.
So be the best that you can be.
It's never too late, Siti Eva.
And I  know in the long run, if we were not meant for each other I am glad that I took the initiative to be a better person. For me, for my future and not merely because a guy. 
Maybe the inevitable heart break is coming sooner than I thought but it's a step not to be missed.

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