Thursday 11 April 2013

Keep Calm

Ramadhan will be here in less than 3 months. 89 days to be exact.
Jom ganti puasa :D
Alang-alang tu, puasa sunat sekali InsyaAllah.

Aku manusia yang terkadang di serang sakit kepala. In fact, ubat yang sentiasa berada dalam beg adalah ubat migraine.
Let's try this instead!

The past is a painful part of one's life. It is also the furthest away.

This few days my past has been haunting me. Macam gelap sangat je masa lampau.
I meant the mistakes I made. The people I've known.

Setiap fasa hidup, there will be those who questioned your past.

Part of it, salah sendiri.
Kerana terlalu percaya.
People just love juicy gossips, stories that would bring you down.

Itu yang kau minta. 
Setiap kali, itu yang aku kata aku beri.
Tapi, aku masih berdendam.
Ya Allah, please give me strength to forgive those people.
I still can not bring myself to forgive.
Maybe all I need is time.

Di sini, cuma satu.
Selagi kau tak rasa apa aku rasa, kau tak pergi tempat aku pergi, kau tak dengar apa aku dengar, you are in no position to talk.
You. Don't. Have. The. Slightest. Idea.
I don't share everything.
I don't show everything.
Things you think have stopped;
It's still happening.

But at the end, Allah's still around.

Aku bukan nak tunjuk baik.
It just dawned upon me.

Aku nak bagitahu.

What ever shit you're in, keep calm.

It felt so good to be in the place where no one knows you.

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