Wednesday 23 January 2013

12-day Escapade

Yes. The whole family landed safely. Alhamdulillah. The 12-day escapade thus began.

For your info, Don Mueang International Airport is quite far from town. Personally, I love Suvarnabhumi Airport better. But what to do.

So from the airport we went straight to Grandma's. She lives in Bangkok with my uncle who apparently runs a Japanese restaurant. My niece which I love so much was there, too. Suara die, macam Ella weyh. Serak-serak sexy.

Introducing - Nettie
Then we head to Kak Juli's (my aunt) house in Bang Sean, Chon Buri. Quite a journey. Guess what? Her new house is a villa by the beach. How cool is that? At the moment, her husband is back in Japan. See? Let's not marry foreigner in the future, aye?

I love Thailand, per say. The people are nice. Earlier today while we were in the cab, en route to Grandma's we were stuck in traffic. With my touristy mode fully activated, I looked outside the window absorbing the beauty of Bangkok. Unexpectedly, a cab driver (beside ours) waved frantically at me with a goofy smile. Feel welcomed! And of course, one of the interesting stuffs in Bangkok.....  

Pink cab!!
See you again!

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