Friday 18 January 2013

50 Trivia

If you read my previous blogs you might know this one fact. I love answering trivia questions. It's fun, it's random. It makes me think and it's the easiest way to update le blog. :)

1 - What is your favorite color? 
Salmon pink. Red.

2 - When is your birthday?
24th September

3 - Who do you want to be with right now?
My room mate. Boleh? LOL

4 - What sports do you play?
Netball, volleyball and pool billiards (is that even a sport?)

5 - Who is the first person in your contacts?
Abang Jef - my cousin

6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment?
Andaiku Bercinta Lagi and Hall of Fame

7 - If you were stranded on an island, what do you wish to bring?
Food, blanket and loved ones :p

8 - Do you like to bowl?
No, I don't. Seriously.

9 - What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Plain vanilla or vanilla chocolate chip.

10 - The first album you ever bought?
World of Our Own - Westlife.

11 - Why did you create a Tumblr account?
Didn't have one.

12 - What would be your ideal gift?
Thomas Sabo charms. Boleh? :p

13 - Choose: Coke or Pepsi ?
I don't drink carbonated drinks.

14 - Choose: Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter for random thoughts, Facebook for updates.

15 - When was the last time you cried? Why?
Few days back while re-visiting my childhood. LOL

16 - Are you happy?
I am content. Blessed.

17 - What is your dream car?
KIA Forte

18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life?
No. I would never trade it for anything

19 - What is your hobby?
Eat, travel and read.

20 - What was the last song you listened to?
Glad You Came - The Wanted

21 - What is your favorite fast-food chain?
Secret Recipe and Domino's

22 - Who are your best friend?
Laila Rashid, Areen Shaharani, Izzah Mukhtar, Aleen Ibrahim, Shuana Kamal and Mien Zakaria

23 - Chose: Party or Beach?
I'll choose beach. Every time.

24 - Name someone pretty.
Amirah Azmi, without hesitation :D

25 - Who was the last person you hugged?
Debab Bobok, my lil brother.

26 - What kind of music do you listen to?
Everything, literally. I'm not choosy.

27 - Are you over your past?
Yes but it all stayed at the back of my mind; as lessons.

28 - What kind of person do you want to date?
Someone with ilmu and iman. That's all I asked.

29 - From whom was the last text message you received?

30 - What do you prefer, jeans or skirt?
Comfy skirt, every time.

31 - Do you like someone as of the moment?
Yes, Alhamdulillah. Masih. After a few years. If you really wanted something, you'll wait.

32 - What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend?
I really wish for you to be well. :D

33 - Do you have any phobias?
I absolutely-definitely-can't accept itu 'hantu loncat dalam kain putih'. Please. Shuddered just to think about it.

34 - Did you try to change for a person?
I did and it was stupid. I revert back to myself in no time. 

35 - Name someone you can’t live without.
My mom.
36 - Describe your dream wedding.
Real simple, with family and close friends. Filled with barakah. I never dreamt for a grand wedding, rather I want a grand marriage.

37 - How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s?
Never celebrated.

38 - How long is your longest relationship?
3 years plus, I would say.

39 - The last book you read?
Enron - The Smartest Guys in The Room

40 - Did you have an accident last year?
Yes. Motor accident. Hit and run. In Muadzam

41 - Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”?
I did but apparently I'm wrong :)

42 - Describe your dream job.
The right amount of pressure, with life balance. Pays good.

43 - The best birthday celebration?
My class mates from high school tricked me at KLCC. Thanks girls!!

44 - What would you advise to yourself?
Eva, please be considerate to yourself as well.

45 - Do you still keep in touch with your first boyfriend and who is he?
My classmate from school, Ahmad Nazrin. Yup.. Still. He's in UNITEN Bangi now :)

46 - Are you a cat person?
No. Am allergic with its fur

47 - Choose: Black or White?
Walau putih itu suci, I choose black.

48 - What is your favourite flower?
Love sunflower.

49 - How would you describe your future planning in 3 words?
Career, family, wife.

50 - Who is your favourite artist?
Awie and FT.

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