Tuesday 15 January 2013

A Note on Degree Life

This is my story. A recollection of memories and experiences during my days as a degree student.

To be frank, the early days of my degree life is not as glorious and exciting as others. Teheee. I'd set my mind to pursue my study in Accounting at UiTM Shah Alam. Mind you, it's quite hard for students from branch campuses to be offered a place at the main campus.

Then Alhamdulillah an offered from YK came which is literally a dream come true. UiTM is (sadly) not one of the sponsored institutions by KNB. Hence, my days at UNITEN started. 

Seriously, the location is not a problem. I don't mind being stranded in the middle of nowhere (Muadzam Shah) to study. But the thing that got the better of me was the facilities. Sure, sure. Let's not compare with public universities with millions of funds from the government.

For the first two semesters, I have to admit that I wasted tons of opportunities, I went on unprecedented holidays (regularly), my results were nothing to be proud of. Basically, I was rebellious. My application to switch uni was rejected by YK. I was angry, I was stupid. 

Then I miraculously got back on my feet, thank God. It's funny to think of the early days because I kid you not, I was immature. The environment differed tremendously. The friends, especially. The lecturers, the education. Lain weyhh..

Education and Exams
1. Here in Uniten, the standards are set up pretty high. Grade A (4.00) is set at 85 marks. But there's a catch. Most and I mean MOST of the lecturers gave hints for final exams. Now with the OBE system, it is compulsary for the lecturers to do so. Stating at the very first of the lecture class on the topics coming out in final exam, quizzes and mid terms.

2. Students with valid reasons like accidents, illness or emergencies can sit for the final examination at the beginning of the following semesters; with tougher sets of questions obviously. Never heard of it at UiTM. Once you missed the exam, you're screwed. Apparently, it's not the case here.

3. Quarantine Room. Sounds scary, eh? A familiar scene for most of the transfer credit students here, myself included. You see, the exam timetable is drafted with the normal degree students in mind. Us transfer credit students with weird combination of subjects (one from the first semester, two from third semester and three from the final semester; for example) need to live with the exam timetable. We could have two subjects drafted at the same time. At the same time!! Solution? Take one paper earlier. For example if Account and Audit paper is scheduled on Monday, 2pm the student will need to come early at 8am to sit for Account paper, monitored by invigilators alongside other students who are taking other papers. During lunch, you'll be stationed at the quarantine room having lunch together with the lecturers who are making sure you will not share the Account exam questions to your fellow friends who are sitting for it later that evening. I've been in the QR plenty of times; such a burden.

4. Timetables. We students are allowed to make our own timetables, choose the time slot and the lecturers. Savvy, eh? Perhaps my favourite part of Uniten education system.

Outside Classes Activities
Being in the jungle, few activities are held during weekends to retain students at campus. The effort is to no avail, obviously. Some event does get overwhelming response like the Talk by Wardina and Sham Kamikaze. I kid you not, the auditorium was FULL.

My 2 and a half years in Muadzam is filled with colors. Be it black, or colorful; the canvas is fully painted. I made some friends, enemies too. I fell sick, even ran from the hospital. True story, I swear. The ambulance brought me from Hospital Muadzam to HTAA, Kuantan. Upon arrival, I sneaked out and ran with all my might to the opposite of the road, took a cab to the bus station and went back to Muadzam in no time. Crazy. I called the hospital afterwards to apologize. Teheee..

I fall in love. With the wrong guy apparently. And I regret every single moment. It was a short stint but gave huge impact. I could not understand how people could have such attitude. Though I said I forgive him, i never did. I am sorry. I will let go in time. Meanwhile, I could appreciate it a lot if you stop harassing my life, and the guy I am with.

Accidents! I met with an accident during my final year. It was a hit and run accident. Bloody hell. I was riding a bike and the car came from behind and BAM!! The bike ended up on top of my legs, at the middle of the road. Luckily an uncle came to help me. Muadzam Shah is filled with wonderful people. Here I assume, the person who actually hit me is an outsiders. Talking about how nice Muadzam Shah's people are, I recalled in my junior year I was walking alone at night to 7 Eleven. Don't know what got into me but a car, a black Toyota Innova stopped me, offering me a ride back to my hostel. It was such a warm hearted family, giving me advices along the way.

Am thankful to have spent my degree life here.

Will share more stories later.


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