Sunday 20 January 2013

Rational - Facts, not Feelings

Keupayaan berfikir secara objektif dengan mempertimbangkan baik buruk sesuatu tanpa mengikut perasaan.

It is very important to be rasional. I can not stress this point enough.

Manusia gemar berfikir menggunakan hati. Bukan otak.

Bercinta setahun, semua kelakuan pasangan nampak sempurna. Kenapa? Buta hati. Clouded by all the feelings, biased. Keburukan semua ditolak tepi. Konon manusia paling sempurna pernah kita jumpa. Keluarga dan sahabat pointed out our partner's mistakes, mula meroyan.

By being rational, arguments can be avoided, people will be living in a more civilized manner.

Stop making decisions based on feelings. Start depending on facts, people.

Kisah Sejarah
Remember in History class where we learnt about Japan invading Tanah Melayu? Remember how they came about? Through Thailand. I vividly recalled my classmates being enraged due to the fact that King Bhumipol gave way to the Japanese Army. December, 1941 the Japanese Army landed at Pantai Sabak, Kelantan through Thailand.
Sekali imbas, mana-mana rakyat Malaysia pasti marah dengan tindakan Raja Siam. Betul? Stop there for a second and start thinking facts. Be objective for a change.
Thailand means 'free land'. They had never been invaded. Never.
The Japanese gave an ultimatum. Either give way or suffer the wrath. Of course being a King, the welfare of the citizen is the number one priority.
Me, being a rational person can see the truth behind the actions.
But these facts are not disclosed in our History textbooks. I wonder why?

People could say that I'm biased since my mom is of Thai decendant. I could not care less. I am all about the facts. Recently, there's a match between Malaysia and Thailand for the AFC Cup. I watched it, being a supporter of local football scene. And man, do the Thai player played dirty. They shoved their way here and there. Come on! It's freaking obvious.

Tolong masuk kelas Ethics and Sportmanship.



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