Friday 4 January 2013

Post-Presentation, Pre-Intern BBQ

Muadzam-Leavers sangat.. Basically, a farewell and celebratory BBQ for us, final semester students. Iyelah, pagi nye present FYP malamnye enjoy!! It was held at Mia's house. Sorry to the neighbours. Kami sangat bising. Ampun.

So, these are the snippets! :D

Setting the BBQ 
Haruslah Your Highness duduk atas kerusi :p
Muka harus serius.
Pes's so-called creativity
Le roomate
With OB :)
Happy times
Cake.. Calculator.. Mampu? :)

Right after FYP presentation, hati mula rasa sebak. But let's deal with the touchy-mushy feeling s later.


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