Thursday 3 January 2013

Project Paper Presentation

The Association Between Financial Reporting Quality and Firm Performance of the G-20 Companies.

3rd January 2013.

The day for the Accounting Project Paper presentation.

Anxiety pilling high. The day has finally come to present the 8-month worth of research, hard work and scorching heartache. All the drama, will end on this day.

I decided to go low. Without blazers and heels. Just being modest and presentable. If I were to put on heels, I'll be towering my group members and that will definitely attract attention to myself. A big no-no. The presentation was done simultaneously in 4 lecture classes. Mine was in Room 4 with Ob's, Atul's and a few other groups.

We were the 4th group to present and the tension slowly filled the room as the panels started to ask questions. The lecturers in Room 4 were Sir Azwan (supervisor), Sir Lee Seng Fat, Dr Yati, Madam Noormala (guest panel), Madam Inaliah (internal examiner), Madam Wendy and Madam Mahlindayu (timekeeper). Most of them had taught me before so I am feeling a little bit comfortable.

Juniors and friends came to see our presentation which makes it more nerve wrecking. Thanks to Khairon Hamizah, Khai, Chacha, Mya, Miley and the rest.

Fun fact! At the start of the presentation, i accidentally crashed onto Sir Azwan's table. Oh my God. Sumpah malu disitu.

I quickly (desperately) re-gained my composure as I am the first presenter. It went well, overall- the presentation. I stuttered not more than 2 seconds which is the rule of thumb in debating and public speaking. Bersyukur masih mampu recall what I learnt during Inter-Technic School debate dulu. Though i lost much of my fluency. *sigh*

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Happiness is evident
Mya :D
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Came the Q&A session. We managed to answer all the questions though the guest panel seems not convinced. Fyi, the guest panel won't be reading the report, but came to the presentation without any prior knowledge of our research. Therefore I understand her concern. And it is also our mistake because we did not provide her with sufficient information. The time limit for the presentation is only 15 minutes. But in all, i know we did a good job delivering the presentation. We'll see whether sir will proceed with publishing the study in journals.


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