Tuesday 22 January 2013

Internship : A Closure

Today, after a six-year hiatus me and my family are finally going back to Bangkok, Thailand. Such a perfect timing. The last time I went there was right after SPM. Now I am literally celebrating the end of my degree education. Though there is still a long way to go before my actual graduation.

This holiday will mark the end of 'internship anxiety' as I called it. My internship period will be carried forward to August 2013, insyaAllah or by October the latest. Therefore, I will graduate in November 2014 right after my contract with YK ends. Just nice!

Seeing the positive responses from various companies, I am truly moved and it gave me a boost of confidence. I just e-mailed Accenture the acceptance letter. They are very efficient, I must tell you. They issued the revised offer letter to accommodate my new date in no time. Thumbs up!

At the moment, I will stick with Accenture. They paid good, one of the Big Four in consulting industries and is awfully close to my home. What else to ask for? However, my heart started to fidget a little. I am thinking to intern at an audit firm after all. Never mind. I will need to think this through first. Also, there is a clause for me to overturned the acceptance in the agreement. Thank God.

Astro Awani called the other day and hear this; it is very very interesting! It was quite a shock, too since earlier I got a phone call stating they need interns with personal transport. Anyhow, I got to be on the research team for the coming election!! How fun is that! It just clique right on with my interest in politics!! And the guy who called me seems pretty decent. If Uniten allowed this, I will definitely reject ALL the other offers though Astro paid less. (I'm not sure how much they're offering). Plus, by the time I intern in August the job scope must be different, right?

So I thank all the companies for the kind replies and responses. Maxis, Bursa, ExxonMobil and others.

Truly I appreciate it a lot.

Gave me a taste of what life beholds in the future.


Lessons I learnt : you do not need a perfect GPA to pitch a job, just the right attitude.

For now, this chapter is officially closed and is scheduled to be re-open in June or July.

I am not trying to brag by blogging about all of this. Just trying to lend a helping hand to those who are looking for more information. :)


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