Thursday 17 January 2013

Kelantan. In a Glance

15th January to 17th January 2013.

A trip to Kelantan.

Pictures are worth thousand words.

I kid you not, my favourite snack.

So beautiful, I have to share.
A famous landmark
My travel partner for 3 days.
Eat, eat and eat all day
I've been craving this for 10 years. Seriously.
Seems happy. Hence, the picture's here.
A mighty creation, Maggi Ketam.
A must-try !
It's tiring. Eating this needs a LOT of energy.
It was freaking hot in Kelantan.
Meaningful. Better, indeed.
Donning the new jersey I bought.
A quick recap.

Basically this time, it's solely a food trip. We ate non stop. The food was marvelous. 

Went to all the museums, PCB, Rantau Panjang, Wakaf Che Yeh and Pasar Siti Khadijah of course.

Slept over at Hotel Ummi at a very reasonable rate, with the best facilities.
*thumbs up*

It was very, very fun revisiting my childhood.

Unexpected tears here and there but in all, meaningful.

I got tonnes of things to share. But let it be with the correct person, no?

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