Wednesday 14 December 2016

ACCA - December Sitting

I sat for my third ACCA paper last week and my oh my. 

It felt different this time around. 
Maybe due to the fact that I'm married now? LOL

First things first, the exam centre.
For P3, I took the exam at KDU.
P2; Sunway.

I reaaaaally prefer Sunway because it is nearer, more convenient, though it could take a while for you to get into the parking bay but still, there's parking.

KDU was really small and packed, in my opinion. It's almost impossible for you to get a parking spot inside the minuscule building. Last time, I had to park by the roadside far away and walk THROUGH the residential area to get to the exam hall. By then, I was already panting and huffing, sweating and nervous to sit for my exam. 

Due to some technical glitches, I'm stuck with KDU again for this sitting. This time around, my husband sends me to KDU *thankssss*

KDU, it would also be great if the Head Invigilator announced how many minutes we have left.
Which she should have done.

But she did not. Urghhhhh.

It's a small thing but that could have a huge impact. I felt like I don't have time to even looked up while I was answering the paper. 

Everyone had such high hopes in me as I've completed my P2 and P3 beforehand. 

P1 is the quintessential introduction paper to ACCA Professional level and it had the connotation of 'LESS DIFFICULT' attached to it.

I'm not saying it's easy but many would agree that P1 is significantly easier than all the other papers in ACCA Professional level. But I would say it's different depending on your interest and understanding.

For me, P2 was a TOUGH cookie to crack and P3 was very very enjoyable that I was not really anxious throughout the semester. 

But I do know some people who took longer to pass P1 (more than 3 attempts) which really made me doubt my confidence level.

I know I already did my best, semoga lulus dengan cemerlang.

I would be happy with a mere pass, honestly. 

Isn't that how things are in ACCA?

*already excited for the next paper. Is that even possible?

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