Thursday 29 December 2016

#HotelReview - Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place, Jalan Ampang

The name of the hotel is a mouthful; I know. I called it Lanson Place for short but be careful since there's two Lanson Place. The other is Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon. 

This particular hotel is at Jalan Ampang, near the embassies vicinity. 

This is my second time here. The first was back in 2010 I think, with Khazanah. I love it back then, and I still love it now. 

The short stay was a stress-reliever for us. I had just finished my exam and Nazli was tired managing his emotional wife #eh. Hahahaha

Here are the promotional pictures from the hotel.
I can assure you, what you see is what you get.

Puas hati sangat.
It's located very near to KLCC. So we just Uber'ed our way there for dinner. 

The Pros and Cons of the Hotel
+ the location is great, near many shopping complexes
+ the room was very spacious and comfortable
+ there's a big mirror inside the closet
+ the curtains perfectly blocked out the sunlight (a MUST for me-time)
+ the checkout was a breeze
+ there's iron provided in the room
+ couple of plugs near the head stand (important)
+ TVs in both the living room and bedroom

- the check-in process took a while, maybe due to the volume of customers during public holiday
- the toilet looked a tad old and there's some weird smell though not too overpowering
- there was no kitchen utensils provided in the kitchenette (you would have to request)
- the carpet is stained in one spot
- not a lot of variety on breakfast spread, but still acceptable
- the TV is bedroom is very old, some of the buttons are missing.

                                                                      Location : 5/5

Comfort : 4/5

Breakfast : 3/5
Price Worthiness: 4.5/5 [book early to get more discount]


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