Thursday 29 December 2016

#MakanReview : Yik Mun [Tanjung Malim]

Apparently, this shop has a good reputation over the internet. 

Personally though, I never even heard of this shop before. My husband suggested we stop here for dinner during our 8-hour ride from Kuala Kangsar. He himself never been there albeit their popularity.

Yik Mun is most famous for their homemade steamed buns but they do offer other menu as well. 

[I didn't took any pictures because I was sick at the time]

Yik Mun Tanjung Malim
Credit : VKeong

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Credit : VKeong

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Credit : Ramesh
They offered 4 variance of the steamed bun ; chicken, beef, kaya and red bean (RM2.50 each).

We tried the chicken, kaya and red bean buns.
The verdict?

I'm truly disappointed.

Chicken Bun : the chicken meat were lumped together as if it's not steamed well enough
Kaya Bun : too sweet and the the fragrant smell from pandan is missing
Red Bean Bun : the steamed bun was not soft and kind of hard to chew

I've had better steamed buns in Wisma Sime Darby's Cafe, honestly.

After that disappointing starters, we waited for our main dish. We arrived at 8.30pm. By 9.15pm, our dish had yet to be served. 

The guests near our table decided to storm out because it was taking too damned long. But their food came at the very moment they're at the counter to cancel.  

We waited a little more and frankly speaking, I was already in a foul mood since I'm sick, the buns were not up to par and now, I've been waiting for sooo long. 

Just then, my dish was served. I ordered Kueh Teow Soup.

The portion was big, the broth was thick but the prawns were not fresh. You'd know when you try to peel of the skin, and the whole thing disintegrates. 

15 minutes later, Nazli's Kueh Teow Cantonese was finally served. It looked good. But God oh God was it bland. The kueh teow literally tasted like nothing. 

It was a really bad experience and we doubt we'll ever visit this establishment again. 

Chicken Steamed Buns : 1.5/5
Kaya Steamed Buns : 2/5
Red Beans Steamed Buns : 2.5/5  
Kueh Teow Cantonese : 1.5/5
Kueh Teow Soup : 2.5/5

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