Sunday 11 December 2016

LHDN Interview Result

I shared about my LHDN interview here.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. I finally got the offer after 6 weeks of waiting.

I was over the moon at the time. 

To those who's applying for LHDN Executive Officer in the future, let me share some information here. The good and the bad. 

And of course, I can only say what I knew from my interaction with the HR department and a friend who's an Executive Officer at LHDN. 

1. They are offering 25 days paid annual leave per annum

2. The starting salary for EO varies on the bracket; whether you're under Penaksiran, Perakaunan, Perundangan, or Pentadbiran [Eventhough it's all under the same grade]

3. They don't provide study leave; only exam leave [important for those who's taking professional papers or Masters]

4. They only allowed VERY VERY SHORT notice period. Imagine this. The successful candidates were announced on 25th November. I was not given any official letter stating the salary, perks and whatnot. (Got to the soft copy offer letter on 8th Dec). They expect me to report for duty on 3rd January! I can't even serve my 3 months notice period in Sime if I decided to leave. And LHDN is definitely not paying for the notice period penalty. They don't accept deferment. And guess what? That's the normal practice there. 

I don't know what have gotten into me that I tendered my resignation after all.
I know, I know. Stupid move.

Rupanya ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

Immediately, the head of my department gave a counter offer.

I've read an article in LinkedIn stating 10 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer; loyalties, peer perception etc.

But in my case, I really think I'll be an idiot if I turned down the offer.
Promotion and a raise?! Yes please!

That makes me take a step back, breath in and realize all the perks of being in Sime Darby.

As of Dec 2016, I've been with Sime for 2 years and 3 months. 
Frankly, now I didn't see myself leaving the organisation quiet yet.

Some of the perks in Sime ;

1. 23 days of Annual Leave. And if that's not enough, you'll have the options to 'buy' more days (maximum 3 days) through FlexBen

2. According to your grade, age, marital status etc you'll be assigned with a certain points for Flex Ben. You'll get to personalized your benefits such as your medical benefits, critical illness benefit ect. So if you want more annual leave, you'll get less of the other benefit. But still, they are quite extensive.

3. I'm getting 6 days of study leave for each ACCA paper plus 1 day for examination leave. I also have no problem leaving office early for my weekday classes. 

4. In my department, I RARELY had to work late, doing overtime and all. The head of the department is an Australian, very flexible with us taking annual day or emergency leave. 

In conclusion, I think I'll be with Sime at least until I completed my ACCA. Because of the flexibility, the perks and the pay.

Rezeki selalu datang tanpa disangka-sangka. 



  1. Alhamdulillah... Right move... It's very important to have an understanding HOD, good working environment and the flexibility..

  2. Salam Eva. How about the placement stated in your offer letter? Is it in Cyberjaya or other branch?

    1. Hi there. I was placed at Corporate Tax Unit, Jalan Duta branch.

    2. Oh I see. Is it contract basis or permanent position?

    3. My offer was for permanent position.

    4. Thank you for your responses. Really appreciate it. I've got the interview invitation for the same position as yours by end of this month. Any words or tips to share for me to prepare?

    5. Nak cakap pun susah because it would really depends on your panel of interviewers. Mine was very very laid back and casual while some of my friends were asked very technical questions. My advice, just be ready for the worst. Read up on LHDN, the job scope, plus the usual iv questions (strength, weaknesses etc). Most importantly, be confident and be yourself.

    6. Thanks again for your time. Good luck for your future undertakings.


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