Tuesday 13 December 2016

#MakanReview : Bawal Power Sempoi [Cyberjaya]

Sejenis pantang nampak sotong. My love for squid is endless.

That's why when I saw place on FB, I immediately bookmarked the page and mentioned Nazli in the comment section.

Dah lama nak pergi but since it's in Cyberjaya, we were kinda lazy to drive all the way there (although in retrospect it's not that far; Kinrara to Cyberjaya).

So Bawal Power Sempoi is located in Cyberjaya, at the middle of a gated car park area. 
You can just Waze Bawal Power Sempoi or TSI Sports Arena. 

See the small building on the right? That's the place. 

They do offer a few variety of fried seafood to be eaten with rice.

Credit : http://miera301.blogspot.my/

Credit : http://miera301.blogspot.my/

Admittedly, the both of us went for the sotong goreng since it'll take a while for the fish to be ready.
And I'm not a big fan of waiting in a hot stuffy place.

I think the fact that there was a Family Day event inside the same place with loud music just make it worst for me. Ain't not gonna wait there for long.

The set [RM13] came with sambal, curry and plain rice plus you can take ulam at the counter. 
The size of the squid was quite big. However, it was a bit chewy to the point it became hard to eat. 

So my verdict, I don't see myself coming here again.
Or at least we should try the fish next. I don't know. 

Price : 3/5
Taste : 3/5
Ambiance : 2.5/5

Nazli always always mocked me when we went to these kind of viral places and it turned out to be disappointing. Because I'm the kind of person who believes the reviews I read online. 

Well, you have to try it yourself before you can decide righttt?

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