Thursday 30 May 2013

Short Stint in Amsterdam

Short backpacking trip to Amsterdam. Alone!

Twas awesomeee!!

I went there by IC train, super comfy, super fast (300km/h). It took around 5 hours from Mainz but honestly, you wouldn't feel the distance because the scenery was superb! Tips - Plan your trip in advance and book the ticket earlier on for super savings!

So I was staying at the Stayokay Hostel near Vondelpark. The hostel was vibrant, super clean and best of all it's cheap! Very worthy! Believe it or not, I had the best sleep in months. 

The perks of staying in a hostel is that, you'll get to know a lot of new people. Well, at least, the other 5 person in your room. We had a nice chat and ended up touring Amsterdam together. Fun!!

Stroop waffles. *heavenly* Thanks Mya for the tips!

Weed everywhere. Everywhere. It's legal. Here, at least.
The most popular coffee house. Well, coffee house is just an excuse for weed, so it seems. You can find 'The Bulldog'  all over Amsterdam. Everywhere I turned, I saw one. :D
No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without experiencing the Red Light District.
 Prostitution is an industry.
Bicycles are everywhere! This is the bike 'parking' spots near Amsterdam Centraal.  You can find bicycles coming from all direction in the city. Super hectic!
Another 'must-do' in Amsterdam, the canal cruise.  It was a 75 minute ride around the city, with breathtaking scenery. 
One of the 88 canals in Amsterdam. 
Giant chess board. Sat here, admiring their skills.
(Near Hard Rock Cafe)
The Cheese Factory
Cheese in the making

The demonstration. Funny, fun, packed with info.

The weather was to die for! 
Fresh seafood at the fisherman village. 
Clog shoes - the making
The final products
Took a cruise to an island. Freaking nice!!
Did I regret travelling alone?
Not at all!
At all!
I love Amsterdam! The people are so nice, maybe because they are used to tourists. You will be greeted by smiles and excellent command of English which makes it so much easier to communicate. (Easier than in Germany, even)
It's nice and everything but packed with tourist.

You'll find a lot of Malaysians here. Just by chance, I got to know Kak Amy from Khazanah. What a small world, right? She helps me, a lot!! Well, when I'm back in KL will definitely treat her to lunch. :D 

Most of the attractions in Amsterdam are within walking distance. Well, 'walking distance' definition for me has changed a lot since I'm in Germany. Rasanya kalau dari Harmoni ke Wisma tu, standard lah walking distance. :D For those yang kurang gemar berjalan, buy yourself a day ticket which will entitle you for a free 24 hours ride with the trams, trains or the buses. It cost only 7.50 Euro.

Or better yet, buy the 'iamsterdam' card. More info, click here

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was so soaked with the beauty. 
Cukuplah simpan dalam hati.
People should learn taking pictures with their heart, don't ya think?

Makanan halal kat sini, tak ada masalah.
There's lots of them. 

I had a lot of fun, kalau ada rezeki mahu ke mari lagi. 

Berlin trip was cancelled at the very last minute.
Never mind, I'm not easily deterred.
That's a fact!

Next week, Rome!
Another solo adventure!
Can't wait.
Pray for my safety ya!

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