Saturday 11 May 2013

Tony Stark Will Return

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Just watched Iron Man today. Yippeeee!! *melting over and over again*
Toksah tanya berapa bintang. 
Saye bagi 17. Overr!!

Most of the movie theaters in Germany dubbed the movies into Deutsche.  
It's the same case as in Thailand. (Even Running Man is dubbed into Thai Language). 

Thankfully Cinestar Metropolis in Frankfurt offered the movies in the original version. 
It's not that far from Mainz. Plus, the ride is very smooth and comfortable.

The trip from Muadzam to Kuantan is longer; in comparison.
Things I would do to watch movies (rolling eyes).

Here, the viewers are to buy the 3D specs themselves for 1 Euro.
Bring it again ya, the next time.
Melainkan kalau rasa nak menderma another 1 Euro and buy another pair of glasses.

Since it's the original version (English), the hall is quite empty.
Well, ada lah dalam 30 orang.
The hall is VERY big, so the number seems immaterial.
30 orang pun rasa macam sikit sangat.

The movie itself, awesome!
Everyone knew there's a bonus scene after the credits. So we all waited. 
Tak nak lama pulak credits tu kan.
Siap bagitahu siapa Finance Controller. 
Penat tunggu.


This is my fourth time in Frankfurt and every single time I promised myself that the next time I will plan my visit properly. But being me, I just love to walk and wonder around. Every time, I stumbled upon something new, something interesting.

I  love Frankfurt because you'll find a park everywhere!
Ada je port-port menarik untuk menenangkan jiwa gitteww.

The Old Town

City Hall

Sat here for a long, long time. Haha!

My previous post on Frankfurt, I'd mentioned the Zeil right?
The busiest shopping street in Germany.
Like Bukit Bintang area. Only better!
On the Zeil (please keep in mind that it's a one long street) there's THREE H&M outlets.

Walked along the road. Went into every store to find some outfits. 

Thomas Sabo charm bracelets.
I want one!
Harganya mengancam.
Lebih kurang duit belanja dua hari.
Apa lah salahnya puasa sehari dua.
But I didn't buy it after all.

*Menunggu credit Iron Man and for what? This sentence. It provides comfort to the viewer that we'll see Tony on screen again. Hahaha
Tony Stark will return.

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