Friday 17 May 2013

Cabin Zero

Very excited today as the parcel from UK has arrived! *Wehoooo*
I ordered it less than a week ago *impressive*

I bought a Cabin Zero cabin bag.

Since I'm going to travel with RyanAir (low cost airline) soon, this is must-have item. This airline is VERY strict with the hand-carry allowance. 

Yeah, the ticket is VERY cheap if you plan in advance but the downside is, they charge ridiculously high for the checked-in baggage. 

According to their rules, every passenger is only allowed ONE bag, (55x40x20cm) weighting not more than 10 kilos. Okay.
The weight limit is nice. Air Asia only permits 7 kilos.
But, only one bag?
No handbag or anything else allowed.
Cuma diri anda dan sebuah beg.

The size of the bag is very important. If you fail to comply, you'll need to pay the luggage fees or you will be denied flying rights. And it's not cheap, I tell ya.

There are not many bags out here that comply with these strict rules.

But guess what!

Cabin Zero does!!

Why Cabin Zero is the best option :

It's custom made to suit the strict requirement of the airlines. (55x40x20cm) No need to worry again !

It is massive with 44L capacity. Enough for a holiday getaway. Pack away, pack away!

It is very light (750grams). Which means even more space to put in all your belongings unlike travel bags with wheels.

It comes with 10-year warranty. BUT, here's the awesome part! It can be extended to 25 years! Just go to their FB page and click 'Like'. It's that easy! Really!

The material is of high quality. Put your hands on one and you'll understand why the company offered such warranty scheme. It is made of polyester and the lining is 100% nylon.

It comes with a Global Luggage Tracker so that you can track it anywhere, anytime. Super duper cool!! It's a service by Okoban. On your Cabin Zero bags, you can find a tag with a series of number. Just register the numbers online, and your bag is in the database. In any case of missing bags, log on to the website and track away! It's all free, too!

A value for money product. It is only 42 Euro / 35 GBP / 53 USD

Wonderful design!!

For more info, visit here.


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