Tuesday 14 May 2013

Astro Awani

Few months back, I've been offered a place for internship at Astro Awani. I think I've mentioned that in my blog.
If I had accepted it, I'll be doing research on politics and the general election. How fun is that?
Just my cup of tea!

But, you know things came up and my internship is deferred.

So, a friend of mine yang apparently has no idea I'm in Germany send me a text.
Untunglah intern kat Awani, muka pun ada kat laman web diee!! Sayang betul Awani dengan student praktikal!
Eh? Blur sekejap di situ.

Then he showed me this:

Nasib baik tak de tweet benda-benda sensetif.
Kalau scholar kena tarik sebab-sebab politik nie, tak ke melopong. Hahaha

Thanks Astro Awani for the Live TV during GE13.



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