Thursday 9 May 2013


It's a general knowledge for those who are close to me that I just love Ellen DeGeneres.
Had loved her, always will.
I don't care if she's gay or whatever, because she brings happiness to the world.

I started watching the Ellen show since the 7th or 8th season.

She's witty and funny. If ever you need a laugh, watch her show!
Highly recommended!

With her wife, Portia
The Ellen Show 
Well, she is a very talented women. 55 year-old this year! And a Cover Girl, too nonetheless.
Easy breezy cover girl.  :D

So, in her show she said it over and over again that 'Scandal' is a good tv series.

I started to watch it and hell, yeah! It's awesome! *thumbs up*
If you love 'Revenge', you'll love this show, too.

Since it's public holiday today and EVERYTHING in Germany is closed, I'm gonna do a tv-series marathon. (As if I don't have any report to submit). Teheeee!

All thanks to Ellen, now I'm hooked to Scandal.
Completed the first season season yesterday.
Let's start on the second!

Happy Ascension everybody.


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