Sunday 5 May 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt,

5th May 2013.
13th General Election.

I sincerely hope everything will turn out fine.
There's too much drama what with the foreign voters and indelible ink. 

This time around, I am very anxious to know the result for Lembah Pantai parliamentary constituency, one of the hot seat in this GE. It's such a shame that I missed the date line for overseas voter registration. 

Let's just pray for the best. A true resident knows what's best for her place, no?

Bukan itu yang aku nak cerita.

I want to share one of the fondest memories I had of GE.

It was in 1999, the 11th General Election which was also the last election before my dad passed away a few years later.

The memory is so clear and vivid, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

During that time, my family was residing in Tanjong Mas, Kelantan. 
Tahun 1999, tahun aku mula bertudung ke sekolah. 
Darjah 3, tudung senget-senget, perangai tomboy.

My dad was a passionate advocate of PAS.
My mom supports UMNO.
So being in Kelantan, obviously PAS flags are everywhere, the support system is very solid. 

Heck, I remembered my dad bought a new sofa set when we first moved to Kelantan. Guess the color? Green, of course! When it was delivered at my home, my dad patronized my mom. Haha! So funny. 

During the live election result broadcast, the whole family sat in front of tv. Waiting anxiously. Well, my mom and dad  were, at least. 

Every time PAS won a seat, my dad was ecstatic; punching the air, grinning from ear to ear.

Akhirnya mak kata, 'Suka sangat politik, pergi jadi PM!'


* According to the Election Committee (EC), about 80% of 12,992,661 voters turned out for the 13th general election - the highest in Malaysia's electoral history.

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