Thursday 9 May 2013

My Wishlist of Places to Go

Why don't I named this post 'The Must-Go Places'? 
Because, if I did there will be pressure ya know? 
I MUST go to the places and if I didn't have the chance to, I'll be frustrated at the end of the day.

So a wishlist sounds better.
It's a wish. 
Not all wish are granted. 
If I had the chance to go, it will be terrific.
If I don't, it's okay. 
Nampak tak rasional di situ?

Enough rambling. 

And here I present My Wishlist of Places to Go in 2013.
Trust me, if this is 'The places I must go before I die', it will be definitely longer :D

1. Paris

This goes without saying actually. Nampak nama blog nie? Travel, Eat, Love. Even dekat header blog pun ada Eiffel Tower. Itu menunjukkan kesungguhan dan niat yang telah ditanam di hati. 

2. Rome

The biggest mosque in Italy is in Rome
Mula jatuh cinta pada Rome since I watched Lizzie McGuire The Movie. 
I don't know whether you remember the movie. It was way back in 2003. 

When people mentioned Rome, 2 things came into mind. 
The beautiful buildings and Hillary Duff riding Vespa with Paolo.

3. Amsterdam

4. Berlin

Because I'm a history junkie, that's why. It's such a shame, being in Germany for four months (yeah, I'll be back in June / early July but that's a story for another post) without visiting the capital city, ya know? It's so rich in History, I can't wait to go there. Interesting fact, from where I'm staying; Paris is so much nearer than Berlin. Ohmaii!! Which means, day trip is a waste of time. Have to stay a few days.

5. Cologne

6. Munich
Home stadium for Bayern Munich
BMW Museum

7. Neuschwanstein Castle

The Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle is inspired from this castle.
Haruslah visit!

I really really love travelling.  
I want to backpack alone.
Is it even possible?
I told my mom. 
She was a bit hesitant at first but in all, okay with the idea. 

It's not like I'm antisocial or anything.
I tried asking my friends here but most of them are reluctant with the idea of backpacking.
Plus, most of them came here with a tight budget and they prefer drinking, partying.

InsyaAllah. Kalau ada peluang.
Dapat merasa backpack seorang diri.
Tetapi due date assignment yang back-to-back agak menyusahkan perancangan.
Kalau ada rezeki.

*tetiba ada bau ayam percik. Apakah? LOL

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