Thursday 30 May 2013


Remember about 'that somewhere' (I mentioned it in an earlier post).
About the internship thingy?
[Refer here]

So let's address 'that somewhere' as P.
Confidential sangat kan!

So today I got an interview phone call from P.
It was a last minute ordeal.
Shooting me an e mail 4 hours before they actually called.
Not much preparation can be done. *face palm*

Believe me, there's a lot of information to digest about P and what they're doing.
That's the reason why I'm dying to join them; the things that they do, the changes that they bring along.

It took only about half hour. *phewww*
The interviewer were two Malay women in charged of Internship Recruitment.
They were nice.. Yayyy!
It's in English, of course.

I had this one characteristics whereby I'll be bubbly and all excited if it's a phone interview.
And the officer said 'You sound so excited and passionate!'
Well, this is only the best internship program out there. How could I not be excited? Hehehe

From the conversation, it is safe to say that it turned out fine.
Fingers crossed!

But, but. Knowing Uniten, it will be a bit tough because they are really strict about the internship placement. Hampir tak lepas okay, ke Accenture.

Since Accenture offered me a place in the IT/System department.

Reading the job description, interning at P wouldn't have anything to do with accounting, auditing or even taxation. Hmm.. It will be tough convincing the Committee.

I have another option, of course. Spending only 2-3 months in P before the 'actual' internship commencing in October.

Even if I do that, another problem will arise.
Those 2-3 months were supposed to be spend at 'O'.
*Fingers crossed, too*

Either way, it will be difficult to intern at PwC because they ONLY accept the intern at certain dates. And my offer letter stated that I'm going to start on 2nd September.
Unless, unless I contact them to change the date to 21st October instead!

I just thought of that!!

Lagipun I haven't signed anything yet.
That is, assuming they will entertain my request.

Wah gitteww.
Macam confirm nak ke PwC.
I had this kecelaruan identiti. Hahaha
Whereby today I feel confident that I wanted to do Tax in PwC.
Then, the next day I would be propelled to intern at Accenture.
I love working with computers.
But most probably, I won't be working in Accenture HQ.
Instead, I'll be going to Menara TM, Bangsar since I've been assigned to TM  if I went to Accenture.

Do I really want to do Tax?
Alina, some help please! Again! Hahaha

PwC gave me until 9th June to reply with the answer.
Meanwhile would appreciate it if P and O gave me the final verdict before that.

And kalau P and O is a go?? Gonna go crazy choosing one of them.
I want to do both!

Cray, cray!

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