Thursday 23 May 2013


It is 0016.
And I'm washing the dishes.
At this time of night.

It's weird I know.
But that's not what I wanna share.

While I was doing the dishes, happily humming to the tunes of Westlife's 'If I Let You Go', somehow along the lines, it got me thinking to the fate of my internship.
I'm a master in multi-tasking and take pride in that. :D

I can't make the decision yet. 
[And I kept praying that He will show me the way]

Suddenly, and I kid you not.
I feel something in my heart.
My inner voice.
And it says

It's like something in me telling me what I really want and should do.
It struck me.
I was shocked at first, literally.
But soon after, my insides felt warm and fuzzy.
If you know what I mean.

It's a sign!
At the moment, that 'something different' is Accenture.
Unless, other opportunities comes knocking.

Accenture is a great company.
Pays great.
And I wouldn't do anything in the books of auditing and taxation. [aka something different]
Plus, it's real close to home.
It's a no brainer, looking from a 3rd person POV.

Sesiapa yang Allah keluarkan dari kegelapan kepada cahaya, akan mendapati betapa terangnya kebenaran tersebut. Kerana cahaya tersebut akan menyingkap untuknya hakikat kebenaran, sehingga ia dapat mengetahui bahawa yang hak itulah yang hak dan yang batil itulah yang batil.Asy-Syaikh ‘Abdullah al-‘Ubailan (Ulama Hadis ‘Arab Saudi).

Harus lah istikharah untuk mendapat petunjuk.

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