Friday 31 May 2013

In Her Words

Allah withholds a portion of what is desired to keep you needy, to keep you at His door. 
To keep an empty place in your heart. 
That only He can fill. 
The slave keeps begging for what is desired, not knowing that His Lord is preparing for him what is greater. 
And then when Allah gives, there are different types of currencies. 
And they are not equal. 
There are lesser currencies and greater, more valuable currencies. 
Some people are paid their recompense in Dunya currency. 
And this is from among the favors of Allah. 
But there are others who are paid in a different currency: the currency of Divine nearness. 

The one who is paid in *that* currency can never be satisfied with only the lesser currency again.

~Yasmin Mogahed~

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