Thursday 28 February 2013

Women - Success and Independence

Believe it or not, I have neighbours and relatives who were actually discouraging me from doing well in life.

How should i put it in subtler terms?

Lepas ni kau nak sambung belajar lagi ke?
Kau nak sambung ACCA?
Eh, tak payah la.
Lelaki takut nak dekat dengan perempuan berjaya nie.
Cuba kau tengok perempuan berkerjaya kat luar tu, berapa ramai andartu?
Degree pun cukuplah, nanti lepas kahwin jadi suri rumah.
Berkat hidup kau.

Ini. Cerita. Benar.

And here are my two cents.

People, people, we are not living in the era whereby women are not given equal opportunities in life, in voting, in education.

Don't get me started on the girl-boy ratio in universities. It does not necessarily mean that girls are smarter than boys. It simply shows that girls work much harder to be admitted into tertiary institutions.

Menuntut ilmu adalah ibadah. It is strongly encouraged in Islam. Kenapa nak halang?

Me personally, i do want to get married, have a family. Soal jodoh, bukan kita yang menentukan. Siapa yang boleh cakap dengan penuh pasti if a girl is successful, she won't have a family? Siapa?

I rather be successful than stupid. I am independent. Tak perlu rasanya kot nak mengeneng merengek 24 jam dengan lelaki.

Isu lelaki dan independent ni macam dalam cerita How I Met your mother.

Robin is very much independent and successful. *such a sad scene where she talks to Barney; feeling insecure for being independent* if you watch it you'll know.

Guys will somehow be attracted to needy girls. If you prefer little girls to look after, be my guest. It will come to a point where you'll be sick of it. Haha

It is true in the case of my friend. I have this one girlfriend who is such a crybaby. Sangat2! Nags a lot. A lil' child in short. And she met with a guy.

After 4 months or so I accidentally bumped into this guy and apparently they have broke up. Tak tahan katanya. Perangai macam budak, gedik.

Dulu kau jugak nak yang macam tu. Ada sifat keperempuanan katanya. And jawapan die paling menusuk kalbu.

Aku cari pasangan hidup untuk jadi ibu pada anak-anak aku. Kalau die pun merengek selalu, siapa nak jaga anak aku? Macam mana die nak jadi ibu?


And guys, stop saying that you don't want to be with 'her' because you are not good enough. I really do not understand that.

Hey, kalau tak cukup baik usahalah. There is no such thing as - i have to let you go because you deserve better than me. Hello? Be better, then!

Juga, sila cari pasangan hidup yang sekufu / setaraf at least. Can you imagine sharing life with someone who can not understand what you are talking about?

Kesimpulannye, girls do chase your dreams. Be the best that you can because out there, there are successful guys who are very much attracted to you! ;)


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