Saturday 2 February 2013

Movie Review - Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

Earlier today I went to watch this movie at Mid Valley. :D

Bear in mind people that this is only my personal view, it may or may not be in line with your opinion. In a nutshell, I'll rate it 7/10. 

Am a strict person. Kalau jadi lecturer, sumpah student benci. LOL

So the story line. It's simple, straight forward. Not packed with action. Some gooey stuff here and there. Violence smells Final Destination-ish. Head smashed, you got the picture right? Plus I am not a big fan of the lead actors though Gretel looks much like Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother.

This movie is a far cry from the original version. We are all too familiar with the German fairy tale version of Hansel and Gretel with the candy house, bread crumbs and pebbles. In this movie however, only the element of candy house remains. Hansel and Gretel were left in the woods by their father and got caught by a witch who lives in a candy house. They managed to kill the bitch witch and grew up to be ...... witch hunters, of course!

The plot mainly evolved around the witches who gathered for a grand Sabbath. They need 12 children born in 12 different months and Gretel's heart to concoct a potion which will made them fire-proof. 

As the story evolved, it turns out that Hansel and Gretel were left in the woods for a reason. 

Also, there's a troll named Edward. Hahahaha.. Trolling at its best. Sorry Twilight die-hard fans out there. Your beloved Edward Cullen is being portrayed as a troll. 

There's not much memorable scene. It is still worthy to watch, for entertainment purpose. It won't burden your mind. Just sit back and enjoy!

**can't wait for Iron Man 3. It's due in April, though.

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